Peter and the Wolf & Goldilocks

Peter and the Wolf & Goldilocks


(recommended grades Pre-K through 5)

Peter and the Wolf in the 21st Century *   Dolch & Fry Sight Words *   Prokofiev Background *  Sergei Prokofiev *  Story of Peter and the WolfVerizon Literacy Background *   References for Peter and the Wolf  *  Peter and the Wolf Content Standards – WVCCR 2017 Pre-School

PDFs of lessons for Peter and the Wolf:

In the Meadow  / Patterns in Music / Rubber Ducky,  You Make Floating So Much Fun! / A Tree, by Any Other Name / Rules, Schmules / Nature Spies / A Duck’s Place on the Food Pyramid / Build a Stronger Wall / Flippers, Wings and Other Mobile Things / Vibrating Things Sing / Disorder into Order / Endangered Animals / A Parade of Counting / Singing Character Themes / Every Instrument Has a Place

PDFs of Lessons for Goldilocks and the Three Bears (also found on the Song of the Wolf interactive CD-ROM):

Lesson 2 – Vibrating Things Sing / Lesson 3 – Singing Character Themes / Lesson 5 – Rules Schmules / Lesson 6 – Disorder into Order / Lesson 8 Sound Production / Lesson 10 Bears and Their Habitats / Lesson 15 Metrics Measurements / Lesson 19 Making Healthy Eating Choices

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Story extension ideas / Easy Reader’s Mini Book / Find Out What Goldilocks is up to / Problem Solving and Fact Finding Using the StoryGoldilocks Live! / Step Into It With Goldilocks / Questions or Statements / Creating Story Maps / Bears’ House Vandalized, Witnesses Say Blonde Leaving Scene / A Chair for Mr . Bear / Goldilocks and the Real Bears / The Goldilocks Rules for Choosing a Book that is Just Right / The Three Bears Mystery


The Truth About Bears / The Bear Facts / Do Bears Hibernate? / North American Bear Center / Why do Bears Sleep During Winter /  Video on Polar and Kodiak Bears / Let’s Help the Bears

Wolves (In Nature; Life, Behavior, Etc)

Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary / Wolves at our Door / Wolf Communications Matching Activity / Wolves:  Comprehending Informational Texts / Wonderful Wolves /  One Wolf Howls / Adapting to the World / International Wolf Center

Wolves (Real vs Story)

The Big, Bad, Red Wolf:  Fact And Fantasy / Real And Fictional Wolves / How a mama bear saved a woman and her dog from the wolf stalking them / Disney’s Big Bad Wolf / Through the Eyes of the Big Bad Wolf / The Wolf in Children’s Books

Wolves (Other)

Julie of the Wolves:  A Literature Focus Unit / From Wolf to Woof / Adapting to the World / Sheep and Wolves