Resources for String Students & Parents

Resources for String Students & Parents

Please use the follow links to enhance online learning provided by Kanawha County Schools – WV Symphony Orchestra String Partnership. Additional support is provided by funding from Glotfelty Foundation.

Essential Elements on line. Your string’s teacher must set you up with an account.

Play Along Songs for Beginners! Easy beginner play-along songs on D and A strings with fun tunes. Bows Are Moving. We Don’t Pluck Any More. Monster Mash. Ghostbusters! Staying Alive.

Tuning the violin instrument for parents.

How to Pull the Bow Straight. For beginners and advanced.

Smart Music. Free accounts are available now due to the virus.

Music Theory Lessons and Activities. Works on iPad browsers.

Teaching Strings by Rebecca McLoed. Interactive finger patterns and exercises for upper middle school students.

Digital Concert Hall! Free, high quality orchestral performances.

Instant Encore. The ultimate combination of Facebook and iTunes for classical music listeners. Search by conductor, performer, composer or piece of music and listen to full length Naxos recordings for free!

Lists of Live Streaming Concerts. Just what it says, but a chance to see concerts being performed live, without an audience.