Meet the Orchestra – Resources

Meet the Orchestra – Resources

Audio file with use in Patterns in Music in Resource booklet – Audio Track 14

Audio file with use in Vibrating Things Sing in Resource booklet – Audio Track 11

STRUCTURE OF THE ORCHESTRA       complete with labeled illustrations, audio clips and descriptions


Musical Instrument Worksheet set   (grades 3-5)
Grouping Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments to Play   (K-5 basic)
Classics for Kids: Be a Music Explorer   (K-3)
Invent a Musical Instrument; Invent a Tool; Invent a Toy
Simple Rhythm Activities
Caribbean Music: Calypso and Found Percussion
World Percussion – Quaver


ArtsEdge: Woodwind Instruments and Pitch  (2-12) 
How do Woodwind Instruments Work? with links to how each instrument works
World Music – Woodwind Instruments


Music Conducting: Classroom Activities
What Does a Conductor Actually Do?   video clip
Class Notes: What Does a Conductor Do?  video clip
Victor Borge: What Does a Conductor Do?  video clip


ArtsEdge: Brass Instruments and Pitch (K-4)
How Brass Instruments Work – TedEd
Brass Interviews


ArtsEdge: String Instruments and Pitch (K-4)
How to Make a Violin: in Pictures


Learn to Make Musical Instruments for Children
Photos of instruments (some from the inside)
Designing the Ultimate Instrument

How to STEAM

ELEMENTS OF MUSIC  including Melody, Harmony, Rhythm…

New World Symphony  (final movement will be played on daytime concert)

Musical Analysis by Gerard Swartz
Beyond the Score Gwendolyn Brown – The Spiritual
Guitar cover of New World Symphony
Pennsylvania Humanities Council  Part of a series
Final movement performed by US Army Band