Celebrate Seuss

Celebrate Seuss

1.  Choose 50 words and construct a story  just as Dr. Seuss created his book Green Eggs and Ham.  Find out more about the bet that become a best-seller.  /   See and hear the book presented by Read Aloud WV and several WV celebrities.

2.  Maestro Cooper was one of several prominent West Virginians to be part of the Read Aloud WV’s 2012 reading of Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

3.  Set your favorite Seuss story to music.  Develop a backbeat/rap and overlay your own reading of any Seuss story!

4.  Design your own picture or create a diorama to illustrate the setting of your favorite Dr. Seuss story.

5.  Design your own Seuss-like instrument.  Submit a drawing of your plans.  One design will be chosen and resources provided to make your design come to life at your school or home.  Find out more about our life-like instrument.

Just want to explore the world of Dr. Seuss?    Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?  This recipe will test your taste buds.