Stories and Legends – Lessons

Stories and Legends – Lessons

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In the Hall of the Mountain King – Edvard Grieg

 Grades 3-5  ;   Grades K-2 IntroKeeping a Beat Grades 1-3Listening Activity and Listening Map; Movement by Listening Fun; Music/Visual Art/Drama/Dance for grades 3-9; Sounds, Stories and Symbols; Finding the Music in Me (grades K-2); Meet Edvard Grieg; Listening Map; Lessonopoly Grade 4; Classics for Kids,

Introduction to Grieg for elementary levels, Introducing In the Hall… (music history, theory, appreciation at elementary level), For Younger Children-Intro to Hall

Star Wars – John Williams

Internet Scavenger Hunt Grades 6-8; Film Lesson Plan; Jedi Training Lesson Plans; Hey Kids, Meet John Williams;

Star Wars Fourth Grade lesson

John Henry – Aaron Copland

Student written and produced mock interview with Aaron Copland; Musician Heroes: Aaron Copland; Introduction to Aaron Copland, John Henry “Ain’t Nothing But a Man” short lessons, Hey Kids, Meet Aaron Copland,

History of Aaron Copland, Classics for Kids – Aaron Copland (with lots more links to other Copland!)

La forza del destino – Giuseppe Verdi

Barcelona website with commercial for the opera; Classics for Kids -about Giuseppe Verdi; Verdi: The Story of the Man who Loved the Hand Organ; Kids Music Corner – Facts about Verdi;

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Paul Dukas

Meet the Composer Paul Dukas; The Sorcerer and You; Fourth Grade Listening Map SMART Board; VH-1 Pop Culture Icons; First Grade  Lesson; YouTube Video Version (HD); Trailer for Movie “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”; History of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice with audio clips; Science of Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Geography of Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Language Arts of Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Art of Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Music of Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Math of Sorcerer’s Apprentice