Song of the Wolf

WVSO Lessons/Resources   (also available on “Musical Imagination” CD-ROM)

Song-of-the-Wolf-ELA-CCR-Standards-2016.pdf      WV Standards including Common Core for OH & KY

Song-of-the-Wolf-Math-CCR-Standards-2016.pdf     WV Standards including Common Core for OH & KY

Song of the Wolf  Vocabulary List

Patterns in Music /  Singing Character Themes /  Every Instrument Has a PlaceEndangered AnimalsSound ProductionConditions Affecting Timbre of SoundBuilding Sciences: Renewable MaterialsWolves and Their Habitats /Geography: Topography Land UseEconomics: Money in Relation to Land Development / Metrics MeasurementsCharts and Diagrams: Referencing to Land SurveyingNote Values as Math / Smoking and the Effect on Your Body

Supplemental Resources

Math Resources

Math Stories / Peter Pig’s Money Counting games / The Game of Pig / Cost and Benefit of the Three Little Pigs / Pig- Dice Game / Pigs Will Be Pigs (currency)

Science and Social Studies

Piggly Wiggly Supermarkets – What You Learn Will Surprise You! / Sounds Like Great Science (music-science) / Pigging Out (Venn Diagrams and more) / Materials 1: Materials and Manufacturing


Construction Ahead!  /Building Houses / Paper Plate Pig Craft / Paper Bag Wolf Craft / More or Less Pigs in the Pen

Reading/Language Arts/Writing

Personification / Reading Strategies: Visualization and Sequence / Moving Tales: Pantomime Storytelling / A “Tail” to Tell / Bits and Pieces / Emergent Literacy Designs: Precious Pigs

Wolves (Environmental Impact)

Wolves in Yellowstone / Simple Ecosystem with Wolves and Rabbits / Where are the Wolves?Lone Wolves / Who’s Afraid Of The Reintroduced Wolf? / The Big Bad Wolf / International Wolf Center FAQs

Wolves (In Nature; Life, Behavior, Etc)

Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary / Wolves at our Door / Wolf Communications Matching Activity / Wolves:  Comprehending Informational Texts / Wonderful Wolves

Wolves (Real vs Story)

The Big, Bad, Red Wolf:  Fact And Fantasy / Real And Fictional Wolves / How a mama bear saved a woman and her dog from the wolf stalking them / Disney’s Big Bad Wolf / Through the Eyes of the Big Bad Wolf

Wolves (Other)

Julie of the Wolves:  A Literature Focus Unit / From Wolf to Dog / Adapting to the World / Sheep and Wolves


CBeebies Three Little Pigs On-line / Paper Bag Pig Puppet / What Can We Learn From Pigs? / Piggie Pie

Fairy Tales (Character)

A Closer Look at a Fairy Tale / gender-equity-in-fairy-tales / The Wolf in Children’s Books / Sorting Characters in More Than One Way / Folktale Unit: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Fairy Tales (Plot, Story)

Plot Connections / Plot Problems / Writing Fractured Fairy Tales / Where Do We Begin? / The “Real” Fairy Tales / Writing Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales (Point Of View)

Twisted Tales / Establishing a Point Of View In Narratives / Was the Wolf Really Guilty? / Was Goldilocks Innocent or Guilty? / Two Sides To Every Story / Fairy Tales: Another Point Of View / The Case of the Three Little Pigs / He Said, She  Said, So: What’s the Point?

Fairy Tales (Other)

Forest Activity:  The Forest as Inspiration for Literature / Assessing Listening Through The Classics / Becoming A Fairy Tale Writer

Lesson Plans tied to specific children’s books

 Three Little Javelinas

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Socrates and The Three Little Pigs by Anno   (Grade 6, unit 7, Everyday Mathematics)

The Three Pigs by David Wiesner

Pig Pigger Piggest    author interview available at bottom of link

Other Links

Constitutional Rights Foundation Lesson Plans – Trial of the Wolf

DLTK Teachables for Young Students

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