Boyz in the Wood Resources

Boyz in the Wood Resources

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21st Century Content Standards      Grade 2     Grades 3-5    Grades 6-8

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Submission of New Rap Words        Submission of Boyz Art Work

Wolves (Environmental Impact)   Wolf Quest

Who is Afraid of the Reintroduced Wolf  / The Wolf and Nature’s Eco-System  / Wolf Populations in the National Parks of the US / Counting Wolves Around the World / Lone Wolves / Who’s Afraid Of The Reintroduced Wolf? / The Big Bad WolfWolves at our Door / Wolves: The Keeper of the Balance / At Risk Species

Wolves (In Nature; Life, Behavior, Etc)

Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary / Wolves at our Door / Wolf Communications Matching Activity / Wolves:  Comprehending Informational Texts / Wonderful Wolves

Wolves (Real vs Story)

Stalking the Big Bad Wolf / The Big, Bad, Red Wolf:  Fact And Fantasy / Real And Fictional Wolves

Wolves (Other)

Julie of the Wolves:  A Literature Focus Unit / From Wolf to Dog / Adapting to the World / Sheep and Wolves

Fairy Tale (Math)

Arithmetic lesson

Fairy Tales (Character)

A Closer Look at a Fairy Tale / Gender Equity In Fairy Tales / The Wolf in Children’s Books / Sorting Characters in More Than One Way / Bulletin Board of Story Elements

Fairy Tales (Plot, Story)

Plot Connections / Plot Problems / Writing Fractured Fairy Tales / Where Do We Begin? / The “Real” Fairy Tales / The Gunny Wolf

Fairy Tales (Point Of View)

Twisted Tales / Establishing a Point Of View In Narratives / Was the Wolf Really Guilty? / Was Goldilocks Innocent or Guilty? / Two Sides To Every Story / Fairy Tales: Another Point Of View

Fairy Tales (Other)

Once Upon a Castle / Forest Activity:  The Forest as Inspiration for Literature / Assessing Listening Through The Classics / Becoming A Fairy Tale Writer /  Using Graphic Organizers to Generate Genre Definitions / Fairy Tale Maps 

Little Red Riding Hood

What’s the Moral of the Story? / The Better to Eat You, Dear! / Can We Help Save The Earth? / Little Red Riding Hood Meets A Golden Retriever? / Reading Express / Express Yourself / What Great Fluency You Have … The Better To Read With, My Dear! / Fantasy Details / Point Of View – Narrator / Little Red-Riding-Hood and Omega Wolf Bert / Little Red Riding Hood Finger Play / Compass Rose Directions / Introduction To The Third Grade Unit On Folk Tales / Introduce Vocabulary: Red Riding Hood / Using Fairy Tales To Teach The Elements Of A Short Story / Cuisenaire Rods For Storytelling / Comparing Fiction And Nonfiction / Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? / Fairy Tale Maps / Remember What You Read! / The Big Bad Wolf:  Interviewing Little Red / Dear Red Riding Hood / Spelling Review, Keyword Sounds, Little Red Riding Hood, Acrostic Poems / Who is Little Red Riding Hood Anyway? / Using The “Bad” Wolf From “Little Red Riding Hood” To Elicit Expressive Language / Phoneme Listening Game And Little Red Riding Hood / Dora the Explorer, Episode #112:  Grandma’s House /Red Riding Hood Extension Activities

Little Red Riding Hood (“Lon Po Po,” The Chinese Version)

Fluency with Lon Po Po / Lon Po Po:  A Chinese Fairytale / Lon Po Po / Comparing And Contrasting “Little Red Riding Hood” Stories / Red Riding Hood In China / Lon Po Po – A Red Riding Hood Story From China / Exploring Little Red Riding Hood /Lon Po Po Teaching Plan

Useful / Interesting Internet links

Collection of links, including Red Riding Hood character masks and other resources / An amusing, stylized animated retelling, set to techno music, that plays up random trivia about the story. / Faster, Faster, Red Riding Hood – Fluency